my little story

My name is Shaena Thomson I live in Dorintosh, Saskatchewan; where the prairie meets the pine. (Just north of the City of Meadow Lake) I have lived in Dorintosh almost my whole life and I'm pretty sure  i am settled in here for the long run. I have a pretty great little life here in the Village of Dorintosh; with my wonderful man Roper and our little mini RJ.

I launched Vast Wilderness Co. Apparel June 1st 2019. June 1st was the launch date but Vast Wilderness Co. started way before then. My retail experience has come from what i thiought was going to just be a part time job in high school. If you are in Meadow Lake "Martodams the Clothing People" should be on your "to check out" list. Working at Martodams taught be everything that I know about retail leading up to this point. (Thank you Janet & Dave) 

I drew the Vast logo one day out of the blue, starred at it for a while and thought "hey this  is kinda cool". I could not redraw the logo if my life depended on it (I've tried many times it just never comes close) so the logo you see is my exact drawing from that day. 

After having our first child I knew I wanted the best for my little family. RJ will be into sports, school and all that before I know it. I want to be there for all of his little moments; i knew i i had to do something that wasn't 9-5 because it would make me sad if i had to work on 9-5 schedule run around and not have time for my family. (major respect to families that do that everyday and more!)  I also wanted something that I can call my own, something that I could be proud of, look back at and say "hey I did that". Martodam's have always stocked suppliers with meaning, companys that give back. I wanted to be more than just a clothing company; I wanted to give back to what I love just like so many other wonderful companys have done and that is what we are doing (slowly but surely).  It took months to get all my ducks in a row; to get all the technical things done but here we are. :) 

I know this is just the start of Vast Wilderness Co.'s journey and I couldn't be here without so so many people including all of you wonderful supporters. My heart grows each time I see someone supporting our small business (and other small businesses). I want to do good things in the world and I'm so happy that you all want to join me. 

I hope your days are filled with love and adventure. Don't forget to take your time outside; smell those flowers, count the clouds, admire the wildlife, do not pet that black and white stripe in the bush. We are all "the environmental kind". 

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